Revenue Cycle Assessment

Revenue Cycle Assessment

We recognize that more and more FQHC’s need our help in these times. There are a combination of human and technical challenges that start with a full understanding of your readiness – we meet this need with a product designed to the purpose; the Revenue Cycle “Assessment.”


Through the assessment period, our team (leveraging AI) will access first-hand information from your staff and software to create a picture of your overall health and readiness.

How it works

Your key revenue cycle staff members will be interviewed and be asked to complete brief profiles through a trademarked and reliable talent optimization platform that helps us understand your current organization. We’ll also tap directly into your practice management system(s), clearinghouse(s), payer portal(s) and reporting systems to take a non-biased and holistic look at your revenue cycle performance. The deliverable is a 30-50-page presentation that gives you real insight into your key performance indicators against industry benchmarks. We’re familiar with all of the common workflow and billing errors that plague FQHC’s so we focus in on those, and in the process we highlight opportunities for RPA and AI in your existing workflows. We wanted to give FQHC leadership a clear starting point as we scale to serve more FQHC’s on our shared mission. A high-functioning revenue cycle is the backbone of a healthy FQHC, and our Assessment is the routine check-up.

Scope of work includes:

Denial Analysis

Billing Work Flow and Business Process Review

Payment Analysis

HRSA Compliance Audit

Revenue Cycle KPI Analysis

Credit Balance and Adjustment Audit

Example of typical findings from a Synergy Assessment.

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