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What You Should Know

An industry leader since 2006, we have what we believe is the highest concentration of FQHC experts in the nation. We invite you to peruse these insights we've learned along our journey. Click on any of the links below for FQHC industry-related topics from the nation's leading FQHC experts.

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We will be hosting a Thought Leader Summit on the Fountainhead campus. We encourage you to attend.

Synergy Brings Six Sigma Quality to Health Care

Jan 11, 2019

Six Sigma originated with Motorola as a way to enhance quality and limit defects in manufacturing....

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Synergy Honored as 'Volusia's Best'!

Oct 5, 2018

This week Synergy Billing was recognized as one of Volusia’s Best companies at a luncheon held at...

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Health Care Hero - Mary Mahoney

Jul 18, 2018

Many community health centers bear the names of pioneers who devoted their lives to improving...

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